How to Care For Your Child With Downs Syndrome

The first signs of Down Syndrome can be seen in infants. A baby may display certain developmental delays when compared with other children. However, it does not mean that children with Down Syndrome are any less intelligent or that they are lesser than other children.   Babies with Down Syndrome are usually born with a… Read More »

The Importance of Medical Tests in Diagnosing Guillain Barre Syndrome

Guillain barre syndrome is an uncommon condition that causes muscular weakness, usually on one side of the body.   The condition occurs in both humans and animals   Guillain barre syndrome is caused by the disorder called polymyositis. Polymyositis is a condition that affects the connective tissues. The connective tissue usually comprises the bones, muscles… Read More »

Types of Tremor – What is the Difference Between Primary and Secondary Neuroglymphomatous?

The word "tremor," which is derived from the Greek words for "shake"motion," is commonly used to refer to the uncontrollable trembling associated with essential tremor (ET) – a condition which can be brought about by a number of different conditions and illnesses – including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, extreme anxiety, stroke, cardiac… Read More »

Discovering Possible Causes of Chills

  The word chills refers to the feeling of being extremely cold without an obvious cause   When your muscles contract and relax, you get the sensation of being freezing cold. If the symptoms last for more than a day or two, they're called chills. Chills can happen due to a cold or high fever… Read More »

Discover the Truth About Heart Disease

An enlarged heart is also known as cardiogenic dilatation or idiopathic cardiomyopathy, and is a disease that occurs when the heart becomes unusually enlarged by various reasons including infection, stress or other heart disorders. Many people suffer from this condition over the course of their lives, requiring treatment through medication. While it is not always… Read More »