Schizophrenia Treatment – Coping With Schizophrenia

  Most individuals with schizophrenia go through life feeling as if they are going crazy   This is not true. In fact, most individuals with schizophrenia do have an understanding of what is going on in their lives and many do have some idea of what they should do in a given situation.   Schizophrenia… Read More »

Getting a Seasonal Flu Shot

  Flu is an extremely contagious respiratory infection caused by a group of influenza virus strains that attack the nose, throat, or the lungs. It can cause severe to moderate disease, and in rare cases can cause death. The best way to avoid flu is by receiving a flu shot every year.   For most… Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of Lupus?

Lupus is an extremely painful chronic (chronic) disease, which attacks various organs, such as the kidney, bones, kidneys, liver, heart, and skin. The main symptoms of lupus are extreme pain in the legs, hips and abdomen. The disorder may be triggered by environmental factors or it can take place for a long time without ever… Read More »

Swine Flu

  The term "H1N1" is short for swine flu in humans. The word swine influenza virus means swine flu in humans and sometimes the human virus can also be transferred to pigs who work with humans. Very rarely does the human person who works on animals actually pass on the swine flu virus, but that… Read More »

How to Learn Italian Quick and Easy

Quarentine is the Italian word for "quarried." What is the proper spelling for Quarrenne? This word could also be misspelled. Here are the suggested common misspellings for the words you were looking for. If you're unsure of the spelling of a word, don't panic–there are plenty of resources on the Internet to help you out.… Read More »