Lebanese Archive

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Made using photographs from the Archive of Diab Alkarssifi.  View original stories in the Archive Albums (with the Arab Image Foundation).

Image Credits:

Anonymous photographers: From Baalbeck Photo Print Studio, Beirut, Damascus, Cairo, United Arab Emirates, Archive of Hakmat, Archive of Hussain Youssef Saleh, Dar Syria Photo Studio, Photo Rex Studio, Haifa, Palestine, Photo Chafic Studio, Zahle

Netball match, Baalbeck, Lebanon, Baalbeck Photo Print Studio, c. 1970, Courtesy of 
Hakmat Awada, Lebanon University Football Team, Beirut, c. 1960, Javeling competition, Ali Rhad, c. 1960, Baalbeck Handball Team with Caracala family, 1965, Courtesy of Hassan Caracala, Unknown Portraits From Syria, c.1920 – 19430s, Archive of Hussain Saleh, Passport Photos 1960- 1970, Lebanon, Archive of Mustafa Shalha, Family Album of Osman Asaf, Baalbeck,1980s, Family Album of Aomar Caracala, Beirut, 1970s, Album of Alkarssifi Family, 1890s – 1993

By Diab Alkarssifi: The Wedding of Zater family, Ayat Village, Lebanon, 1980, The wedding of Ahmad Caracala, Baalbeck, Lebanon,1985, Wedding of Fatama Salhab, Baalbeck, Lebanon, 1978, K. Jounblat Memorial Day, Alaye village, Lebanon, c.1980, Funeral of Aref Arafat, Lebanese died in a battle with Izraeli army, Baalbeck, Lebanon, 1977, George Hawi visiting a Communist Militia Camp, Lebanon, 1976, Syrian prisoners of war after release, Beirut, Lebanon,1976, Aozz, Communist fighter, Auon Aleaman mountains, Lebanon, 1976, Neighbours, Jamel Almasri with family, Baalbeck, Lebanon, 1982, Lebanese students visiting Moscow and Leningrad, Russia, 1978, Demonstration against Anwar Sadat, Baalbeck, Lebanon, 1979, Death Did Not Do Us Apart, Lebanese Civil War,Baalbeck, 1976, Miss Universe 1971
Georgina Rizk visiting Baalbeck, Lebanon, 1977, A different poppy story. Diab’s Family, Baalbeck, Lebanon, 1989, Hasona Hudar Family, Lebanon, 1980
, To Om Ashad (To Ashad’s Mother), Shlefa village, Lebanon, 1984, They Are Not Ghosts, Communist Party Conference, Reita Village, Al Beqaa, Lebanon, 1984

Ania Dabrowska: Conversations About Archive, 2013

Photographic Digital C-Type prints, Individual image size 28 x 35.7 cm, dimensions of grids varied