Lebanese Archive

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Conversation Room

Conversation 1: Laura Carderera Independent Curator and Arts Manager
Michelle Woodward Photography Editor, Jadaliyya Magazine, Beirut, Christiane Monarchi Editor, Photomonitor Diab Alkarssifi Collection Owner (read more…) – link to Conversation page

Conversation 2: Mariam Motamedi – Fraser, Goldsmiths College Jane Rolo Director of Book Works
, Sue Steward Writer, Curator
, Zeina Arida Director, the Arab Image Foundation, Beirut (read more…) – link to Conversation page

Live Book Development: Ania Dabrowska Artist
, Kelly Weedon Graphic Design, Adele Watts Project Assistant


Ania Dabrowska: Conversations About Archive, 2013
Installation, public engagement

Video 120 min, looped), wall based text, library of books, table, chairs, archival and research material, live book development live, programme of talks