Lebanese Archive

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Lebanon – The First Trip

14 – 24 October 2013

Ania Dabrowska and Diab Alkarssifi traveled to Lebanon for the first project production trip: to visit Diab’s home city of Baalbek, to locate the remaining part of Diab’s archival collection, to meet some of the families whose albums constitute the collection, to visit locations prominent in the archive in Beirut, Baalbek, to locate more archival practices in Beirut.

The artist met established and potential project partners and recorded new Conversations with individuals and organisations working with archives, including the Arab Image Foundation, Ashkal Alwan, Polish Embassy in Beirut, Art Factum Gallery, Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Umam, Baalbeck Photo Print Studio, Notre-Dame University, Tom Young, Artist, Noor Young, Graphic Designer,  Michelle Woodward from Jadaliyya Magazine, Rana Zaher, Graphic Designer.

In ten days, the limits of time were stretched to maximum and seeds were put in the ground for a longer trip in Spring 2014 to complete the project.

Thank you to everyone for their time and help during our trip, especially Michelle Woodward, Jadaliyya Magazine, Zeina Arida, The AIF, Akram Zaatari, Mr Nabil Fahrat, The World of Yachts and Boats Magazine, Marwan Kayal, Ghassan Majed at Chamas Printers, Nara Hawi, Polish Embassy, Diab Alkarssifi, his friends and family in Baalbek.